Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Hi Assalamualaikum,

Once upon a time, if i remember this correctly, somewhere in 2007, before I enrol to any instutiion to study, have conversation with mama:

Me: patut tak orang study forensic ma?
Mama: tak payah, amirah, tengok darah pon kau dah menggelepar sorang-sorang. Nanti, datang polis lain, tak sure siapa mati, siapa pengsan.

Mama totally aware that im uncapable to do forensic. That moment, amirah agreed with mama. Mama knows me very well.

It was 2007, when forensic is only investigation for murder, and civil crime.
Or should i say, my environment only give exposure about civil crime.

Sungguhpun setahun sebelum ade kes altantuya and if i remember correctly, VIP names were relate to that.

Proud to say that currently, amirah enrol to forensic accounting. Baru second sem. I really hope i survive and able to finish this study soonest.

Insha Allah.

anda tentukan

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